Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month! Preventive screenings and regular exams help reduce the impact of health conditions affecting men. When it comes to medical care, there is something about men and doctors that do not seem to mix. According to

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FCHS Executive Chef Retires; Leaving a Legacy

Local hospital says goodbye to Kathy Warnell, a five-year team member who made an impact on food services. Known for transforming the way hospital food is perceived in rural hospitals across the state, Faith Community Health System’s (FCHS) Executive Chef

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Pardon the Construction Interruption

Faith Community Hospital (FCH) is currently undergoing a construction project to provide a long-term solution to resolve water drainage issues at the hospital’s entrances and exits along the front of the facility. Faith Community Health System (FCHS) leadership has been

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Rattlesnake Awareness

Peyton's Project + Faith Community Hospital

Faith Community Hospital has partnered with Peyton’s Project to maintain vials of antivenom at all times to provide immediate care for patients in the event of a snakebite. If you experience a snakebite, you are urged to call 911 or get to a hospital as quickly as possible.

About Faith Community Health System

Faith Community Hospital is a community hospital serving the residents of Jack County, Texas. We offer a wealth of medical services including inpatient care, minor surgeries, obstetrics and other health care services.

Rural Health Clinics

Alvord Clinic
115 East Bypass US Highway 287
Alvord, Texas 76225


Bowie Clinic
1010 N. Mill St.
Bowie, TX 76230


Jacksboro Clinic
215 Chisholm Trail
Jacksboro, TX 76458


Contact Us

If you need to contact us for general inquires or comments, please use the methods below. For emergencies, please dial 911.

215 Chisholm Trail Jacksboro, Texas 76458