Hospitals Play a Critical Role During Extraordinary Times

Faith Community Health System celebrates National Hospital Week.

A healthy community depends on a robust healthcare facility and a team of medical professionals. Hospitals play a critical role in our health and wellness all year long. In extraordinary times like these, the importance of a robust medical system is clearer than ever.

To give thanks to the medical providers and staff on the front lines of the COVID-19 national health emergency, Faith Community Health System is observing National Hospital Week (May 10-16) and honoring the hospitals and providers who work tirelessly for the health of their communities.

“Although hospitals provide important healthcare services all year long, this year’s Hospital Week takes on special meaning,” said Frank L. Beaman, CEO of Faith Community Health System. “From caring for the sick to working with health officials to protect their communities, hospital teams have been working around the clock during this time of great need.”

National Hospital Week is a nationwide campaign during which hospitals across the nation celebrate healthcare professionals and their services. During the COVID-19 health emergency, Hospital Week is a chance to show appreciation for the critical roles that hospitals and medical teams play in communities across the country.

According to Beaman, FCHS has played a crucial role in protecting the local community.

“We are grateful for our nurses, our providers, and our entire team at the hospital and our clinics for their dedication and compassion during this difficult time,” he said. “Protecting your health and safety is our top priority, and we will continue to work closely with state and federal health officials to ensure that we can respond to COVID-19 and any other healthcare need.”

FCHS offers a comprehensive range of medical services for the community, including 24-hour emergency care; advanced radiology services, CT scanning and MRIs; a clinical laboratory; three rural health clinics; surgical services; a maternity center; a wellness and fitness center and more.

Jack County’s local hospital has grown into a full-fledged health system in recent years since the opening of the replacement hospital facility in 2014. Focused on patient care, the hospital has added important imaging services, opened the Swan Family Wellness Center, added a rural health clinic in both Bowie and Alvord, and now operates several nursing homes in the region.

Beaman also noted that hospitals serve as vital lifelines, especially in small communities where driving long distances to larger cities is a burden.

“We are fortunate that we have a robust healthcare system in our community,” he said. “The expansion of the hospital’s footprint has helped the health system gain financial strength, which is critical in a time when many community healthcare facilities are cutting back services or facing closure.”

Beaman added that FCHS is one of the community’s largest employers in the region, highlighting the important role that the hospital and clinics play in the local economy, all while providing the critical healthcare services that the region needs.

“Whether it is a routine check-up or a medical emergency, your health and safety is our promise,” Beaman said. “We are grateful for the compassionate and professional medical providers in our community who allow us to protect and care for our neighbors.”

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FCHS Employees Making Face Masks

Faith Community Health System employees are working diligently to uphold our mission to serve the community!

While practicing standard social distancing guidelines to protect our staff, FCHS employees are volunteering their time to sew masks for hospital guests.

Using donated cloth and bandanas, employees are sewing face masks in strict accordance with CDC guidelines to be given out to visitors & community members using the hospital facilities for reasons other than Covid-19.

The masks are able to be reused by each person as long as they are routinely washed per CDC guidelines.

Please join us by encouraging and extending appreciation to our FCHS employees during these tough times as they continue to fight the virus.

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FCHS Facilities Update

Like you, we have been closely watching the changing notices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) regarding the COVID-19 virus. It is important to realize that at this time, we have had no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Jack County. Faith Community Health System has been doing a terrific job taking necessary precautions and complying with state and federal recommendations. After a thorough review of current recommendations and guidelines, Faith Community Health System is taking the following action effective immediately:

  • The Faith Café will be closed to the public for dining in the facility. Breakfast and Lunch will still be available on a take-out basis only. You can call the Café at 940-216-2363 with your order and when you arrive, your order will be delivered to your car with no need to enter the facility.
  • The Swan Family Wellness Center will be closed until further notice. This includes all workout related groups, private training and 24-hour access. The Wellness Center will be open for scheduled and provider ordered therapies. The therapies department will coordinate the schedule for patients.

Your safety and well-being is our first priority. We ask that you stay up to date with the most credible sources that you will find on COVID-19. They will be posted on our social media pages and website. We will be continually posting the most current releases from both the CDC and DSHS. As a people with extraordinary diversity, we become an amazing team when we are pulling together towards the same goal. Work together and look out for one another, especially the vulnerable population. We will be prompt to report when we can resume normal operations.

Thanks for your patience. Stay well!

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Introducing Telemedicine. Fast. Secure. Safe.

Your next visit to Faith Community Rural Health Clinics is only a phone call away. 

Setting up a telemedicine appointment with any of our three Clinics is now as easy and convenient as a phone call.

A telemedicine appointment will allow you to have a doctor’s appointment over the phone with a Faith Community Rural Health clinic provider.

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance are accepted.  Available, by appointment, Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:45 pm.

Call one of the clinics below to request a tele-med appointment.

Faith Community Rural Health Clinic | Jacksboro

Faith Community Rural Health Clinic | Bowie

Faith Community Rural Health Clinic | Alvord

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How We Fight COVID-19 and Why

COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. It will infect you if you breathe it in, or if it comes in contact with your mouth or nose. It attacks your lungs and spreads to others when you cough, sneeze, talk or exhale.

COVID-19 can also live on surfaces for a while. It gets there either when you sneeze, cough or when you touch your nose or mouth, then touch a surface. From there, others can pick it up and move it to their nose or mouth.

There are other possible means of transmission, but these are the ones that easily endanger all of us. It is these means of infection that have led to the advice you commonly hear that will help you and your family to stay safe during this pandemic.

Social distancing

What: Keep 6’ from other people.

Why: This is to prevent you from breathing in the virus exhaled by others. If you are infected, it prevents others getting it from you.

Don’t touch your face

What: Don’t use your hands to touch your face, especially your nose, mouth, eyes and ears unless your hands are clean.

Why: Touching surfaces contaminated with the virus can contaminate your hands. Touching your face moves the virus to where it needs to be to infect you.

Wash your hands

What: Wash for 20 seconds using soap and water, or with 60% alcohol hand sanitizer

Why: This kills the virus on your hands. When your hands are clean, you can touch your face without worrying about infection. It also keeps you from spreading the virus by touching things.

Cough into your elbow

What: When you cough or sneeze, put your face in the crook of your elbow.

Why: Firstly, it greatly reduces how far the virus can spread from your cough or sneeze. When you use your hand to do this, you just get the virus on your hands, and can spread it by touching surfaces. We don’t touch anything with our elbows, so it is much safer.

Wear a breathing mask

What: Wear a breathing mask when you are close to others or someone who is infected. Also wear one if you are sick and near anyone else.

Why: Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth can help prevent you from breathing in the virus. If you are sick, it reduces how much you spread the virus in the air around you. Learn about the proper way to use a breathing mask to get the most benefit from it.

Note: At this time, we are trying to reserve N95 rated breathing masks for healthcare workers and those caring for patient’s sick with COVID-19. Everyone else is encouraged to use a consumer mask, or to make a simple breathing mask at home.

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Updated Statement


Jack County Emergency Management, The County Health Authority and Faith Community Health System have been continually monitoring the Covid-19 response, recommendations and guidelines from the state and federal government.

Currently there are no positive cases in Jack County. 

All appropriate and recommended guidelines and precautions from the CDC and DSHS are in place at FCHS and throughout Jack County.

Not everyone needs to be tested for Covid-19.  Testing is done based on guidance from the CDC and at the discretion of state and local health authorities and/or individual clinicians.

All persons presenting to FCHS are screened in accordance with CDC and DSHS guidelines including evaluation and testing by providers at FCHS.  All FCHS clinics are extending visits to patients using telehealth. Contact the local clinic to schedule a telehealth visit.

Be advised that EMS and first responders have specific guidelines as well that have been developed by the CDC and DSHS.  Be patient when calling 911 as you will be pre-screened.  This effort is intended to provide additional safety to our community and our first responders.

The public is reminded to practice social distancing as directed by the Governor’s office and stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.  For a current review of the guidelines please go to

Promote the practice of prevention by:

  • Frequently washing hands.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with tissue or inside of your elbow.
  • Clean frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Stay home when sick.

The Jack County Emergency Management team is in constant communication with all authorities related to this situation and will continue to communicate as this develops.

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