FCHS Executive Chef Retires; Leaving a Legacy

Local hospital says goodbye to Kathy Warnell, a five-year team member who made an impact on food services.

Known for transforming the way hospital food is perceived in rural hospitals across the state, Faith Community Health System’s (FCHS) Executive Chef Kathy Warnell will soon be retiring. For the past five years, Warnell is attributed to the success of the hospital’s food services department.

“Kathy has had an immeasurable impact on how our food services department has evolved over the past five years,” says Frank L. Beaman, CEO of FCHS. “From evolving the meals that we prepare for our patients to developing an incredible menu and level of standards for Faith Café patrons, Kathy has indeed made a positive impact on food services at Faith Community Hospital.”

As executive chef for FCHS, Warnell’s duties included food preparation, menu and recipe development, food purchase specifications, department budget management, and oversight of department staff members. As a certified dietary manager from the Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals, Kathy also continued her education in the field by becoming a certified food protection professional in 2018.

Not only serving patients and staff at the hospital, the food services department also operates Faith Café, a restaurant open to the public known for serving delicious meals at affordable prices. The department also operates a catering service for the public. Both lines of business have added a positive impact on the hospital’s bottom line.

In addition to fulfilling her role and duties at the hospital, Warnell was also known for her involvement in the community. She held cooking classes for high school students, a program that taught basic cooking skills and the essentials of preparing healthy meals. Also, she actively participated in fundraisers for Concerned Citizens of Jacksboro, a nonprofit organization geared to serving the needs of the elderly and disabled in Jack County.

In 2017, the Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce awarded Warnell with the coveted Customer Service Award for her ability to connect with patients and customers at Faith Community Hospital, as well as for her local involvement.

In 2017, the Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce awarded Warnell with the coveted Customer Service Award for her ability to connect with patients and customers at Faith Community Hospital, as well as for her local involvement.

 “My time here at Faith Community Hospital has been amazing, and I am thankful for the many opportunities that I been afforded over the last five years,” Warnell says. “I’m just one person, though. I could not have accomplished many of the things that I have without the wonderful support of my team in the food services department and the encouragement of hospital leadership. I am honored to have served my community, and I will continue to do so as long as I can – even into retirement.”

FCHS is sad to see Kathy retire, but excited for the next chapter. Please join us in congratulating Kathy Warnell on her success at FCHS.

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Pardon the Construction Interruption

Faith Community Hospital (FCH) is currently undergoing a construction project to provide a long-term solution to resolve water drainage issues at the hospital’s entrances and exits along the front of the facility.

Faith Community Health System (FCHS) leadership has been in communication with the architectural, engineering, and construction teams responsible for the design and development of the hospital. All parties have been engaged and are working together to resolve the issue at hand.

We apologize for any inconveniences the construction may cause at this time. We will be sure to notify FCH staff and the community of any temporary detours or specific instructions during construction.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Nurse Practitioner Spotlight

Mackenzi Eberly, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner at Faith Community Health System

About Me:

2005                       Bachelor of Science

Tarleton State University

2005                       Registered Nurse

2015                       Family Nurse Practitioner – Certified

Walden University

2019                       Pursuing Pediatric Certification

University of Texas at Arlington

Married                Jarrod Eberly

Children               3 Boys:  McKray, Brig and Kord

What aspect of your job do you enjoy most? Connecting with my patients and their families. Being a part of the Faith family and serving the rural communities.

Your role at Faith Community Health System:Family Nurse Practitioner – Certified with my primary practice located in the Jacksboro Rural Health Clinic caring for patients of all ages for primary care and allergy testing. Seeing pediatric patients, walk ins and allergy testing in Faith Community Health System Bowie Rural Health Clinic on Fridays.  Rounding on our physician’s residents weekly at Advance Rehab of Bowie.

A Super User for our electronic medical record – Athena, training other providers and working with department managers to streamline processes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?Any outdoor activity such as camping with our boys, water sports, attending shows where E5 Cattle are being shown and following our boys in their activities.

Words to the community:

These two quotes say it all:

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring; all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs               

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Faith Community Hospital Celebrated During National Hospital Week

As the cornerstone of healthcare for the region for more than six decades, Faith Community Hospital (FCH) today sits as an excellent example of not only what can be accomplished in rural healthcare, but what can be achieved for the greater Jacksboro community. Recognizing the importance of the hospital’s existence, Faith Community Health System will be joining thousands of others across the country in observing National Hospital Week (May 12-18).

National Hospital Week began in 1921 as the brainchild of a magazine editor who wanted to educate the public about the work of hospitals. Since, the event has become one of the nation’s largest healthcare celebrations.

The nationwide campaign is designed to recognize all the dedicated individuals – physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, food service workers, volunteers, administrators and so many more – for their critical contributions that collectively help make a healthy community.

FCH offers a comprehensive range of medical services for the community, including 24-hour emergency care; advanced radiology services, including breast cancer screening, CT scanning, and MRIs; a clinical laboratory; three rural health clinics; surgical services; a maternity center; a wellness and fitness center; and more.

Jack County’s local hospital has grown into a full-fledged health system in recent years since the opening of the replacement hospital facility in 2014. Focused on patient care, the hospital has added important imaging services, opened the Swan Family Wellness Center, added a rural health clinic in both Bowie and Alvord, and now operates several nursing homes in the region.

We appreciate the communities support and all our wonderful employees who make Faith Community Health System what it is today!

Happy National Hopsital Week!

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THANK YOU to the Payson Family!

With a giving and kind heart, the Payson Family donated Kain’s Comfort Bears to Faith Community Hospital in honor of their son, Kain Nixon, who was born to heaven at 38 weeks on March 31, 2012.

To honor their son, the Payson Family donates the bears to several labor and delivery wings to offer comfort to the grieving families.

As said by the family: “Just as a tiny stuffed horse and bear were placed in Kain’s bassinet with him in the hospital shortly after he was delivered and then sent home with us to cherish forever, these donated stuffed bears will be given special homes as well. Our hope is that each one will bring some of that same comfort to the newly bereaved parents and families during the most difficult time of their lives by knowing it was snuggled up closely to their precious baby. Let’s spread the love and let families know they are not alone.”

FCH is very grateful for the Payson Families’ kind hearted gift!

If you want to donate to this special cause, please email Jill Payson at jillpayson@gmail.com.

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A Message From Hospital General Counsel, David Spiller

A letter to the Jacksboro Newspaper Editor.

Dear Editor:

            As you know, I am General Counsel to the Jack County Hospital District, doing business as Faith Community Health System (“the District”).  Normally, I would not write a letter to the editor, but I am concerned about some misinformation and misunderstanding about the District’s upcoming bond election known as Proposition A.  I would like to make the following statements and clarifications:

  1. The proposition is not to borrow new money, but to refinance existing debt.  It is similar to refinancing the debt on your home.  The proposition is for the issuance of refunding bonds.  Currently the District has revenue bonds.  The refunding bonds would be general obligation bonds.  The existing debt was legally created, is a legal obligation of the District, and has been timely and properly paid down since the construction of the new hospital facility.
  2. The interest rate on the current revenue bonds is 3.56%.  The current average interest rate on general obligation bonds is much less than that.  That difference in interest rates is expected to give the District – and the taxpayers – an annual savings of approximately $200,000.  Refinancing the debt is clearly the responsible thing to do.  The District Board of Directors has unanimously voted to do this.  There is nothing unusual about doing this.  Other governmental routinely refinance their debt for better terms.
  3. If the proposition passes, the refinancing of the debt will not result in higher property taxes.  The District Board of Directors has pledged not to raise taxes from the current tax rate if the proposition passes. 
  4. If the proposition passes, the District can only use the bond funds for the repayment of the existing bonded indebtedness.  The existing debt will be refinanced, and the monies will go into a separate interest and sinking fund account which earns interest, but by law cannot be used for maintenance and operations of the District.
  5. The passage of the proposition would result in greater flexibility to the District in its operations and the ability to take advantage of governmental programs that have been very profitable to the District.  The revenue from those programs has allowed the District to provide the citizens of Jack County a much greater level of health care quality and services.  Without that flexibility, some of those revenue-generating opportunities may be lost. 

            Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to clarify some of the issues relating to the bond proposal.


                                                                              /s/ David Spiller

David Spiller

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