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Faith Community Health System shares the importance of health and wellness in the New Year.

4 Tips for a Healthy New Year

Get your flu shot!

The flu season typically reaches its peak around this time of year and lasts through February. With that said, if you have yet to get a flu shot this season, you must do so immediately.

Flu vaccines are updated each year to match circulating viruses and improve overall effectiveness in protecting individuals from the viruses that research suggests will be the most common.

According to the CDC, vaccines have been updated for 2019 to better match viruses expected to be circulating in the United States.

People ages six months and older are encouraged to be vaccinated. Seniors over 65, pregnant women and children under the age of two are particularly vulnerable to the flu, which causes an estimated 100,000 hospitalizations and 30,000 deaths a year.

Recommendations for people with egg allergies are the same as in recent years. Those who have known allergies to eggs are encouraged to get a flu shot by the CDC but are encouraged to talk with their primary healthcare providers beforehand.

Plan your annual checkup.

If you do not remember the last time you visited your primary care provider for an annual physical, then you are past due. These comprehensive assessments are imperative to ensure you remain in the best health possible.

Aside from the physical checkups, your physician will typically request several lab screenings to check for things such as your blood glucose and cholesterol levels, as well as ensure you are up to date on essential immunizations. Depending on your age, gender, and risk levels, cancer screenings might also be ordered as a preventative measure.

Most lab work and typical cancer screenings can be completed locally at the FCHS in-house clinical laboratory and imaging departments, which can handle most physician requests.

Annual checkups are covered by Medicare and most private insurance providers with no co-pay.

Make physical fitness a priority.

People of all ages and physical conditions can benefit from regular physical activity. Children, teenagers, seniors, even people with disabilities will find they feel, think, and look better with just a little physical activity.

A well-balanced fitness program should focus on all aspects of your body, no matter your abilities. Cardio, strength training, and core fitness routines should be integrated. If you are not sure where to begin, the Swan Family Wellness Center in Jacksboro has fitness professionals who can help steer you in the right direction based on your individual fitness goals.

Located on the FCHS campus, the Swan Family Wellness Center has a variety of amenities, including TechnoGym exercise equipment with state-of-the-art features, regularly scheduled exercise and fitness classes, an indoor climate-controlled heated pool, member-exclusive perks, and networking opportunities, wellness education classes, and much more.

Membership packages are available for individuals, seniors, and families at the SFWC. For more information and for a free tour of the facility, you are encouraged to stop by the Wellness Center or call 940-216-2379.

Commit to a better diet.

A well-balanced nutrition plan is not always the most glamorous topic to discuss, but it is essential to your overall health. Proper nutrition provides you with essential vitamins, protein, and energy levels necessary to live and function.

Knowing what to eat and how to portion your meals is key. If you are not sure if your diet is up-to-par with what it should be, we encourage you to talk with your primary care physician during your next appointment.

The Internet is filled with many resources to help create delicious – and simple – meals that are healthy and nutritious. Not too comfortable with cooking, but are still interested in creating healthy meals? YouTube can be an incredible resource with free cooking videos based on your interests.

More importantly, removing “junk food” from your home is a great way to start the New Year. Discarding candies, chips, soft drinks, and other bad food items can help curb your urge to reach for unhealthy snack options. In lieu, consider picking up more fruits, vegetable sticks, and other healthy snack options.

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