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Faith Community Health System encourages Jack County residents
to talk with their medical provider about cardiovascular diseases.

Diseases of the heart continue to be the leading cause of death in Texas, accounting for approximately 23 percent of all deaths according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. As we enter American Heart Month this February, local health officials at Faith Community Health System (FCHS) hope to raise awareness of the dangers of cardiovascular diseases.

More than 1 in 3 adults, or 85.6 million Americans, live with one or more types of cardiovascular disease. Currently, heart disease and stroke are the first and fifth leading causes of death in the nation. Are you or a loved one at risk?

There are four major risk factors for cardiovascular disease, all of which are controllable to a certain degree.  According to healthcare providers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and lack of regular exercise are all deadly elements that can contribute to heart complications.

A thorough physical exam of your weight, blood pressure and cardiovascular fitness can help identify possible complications. A healthcare provider can advise whether you might benefit from an electrocardiogram, a test performed at FCHS that allows physicians to take a closer look at your heart’s performance.

If you are found to be at high risk for heart disease, your medical provider can supply you with the tools needed to fight back.  Prescribed medication, a medically directed diet, and an exercise program are the usual options prescribed to improve your health.

Physical activity can improve the condition of your heart and lungs.  Exercise routines should be brisk enough to raise your heart and breathing rates, sustained for at least 30 minutes without interruption and repeated at least three to five times per week.

For individuals who have recently experienced a cardiac episode, rehabilitation plays an important role in regaining strength. The cardiac rehabilitation program at Faith Community Hospital in Jacksboro provides a convenient setting in which to talk with professionals who can guide patients through the rehabilitation process.

Those who are physically active are twice as likely to prevent a heart attack.  According to the American Heart Association, exercise is beneficial in the long run as it decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other medical related illnesses.

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs are personalized for each patient, based on their condition. Many patients attend three sessions a week for 12 weeks. Exercise programs are conducted under carefully monitored conditions to ensure that a safe increase in strength is developed.

For more information about cardiovascular disease and whether the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program at FCHS is right for you, talk with your cardiologist or primary care provider. You may also call the FCHS Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department at 940-216-2258 or visit www.fchtexas.com.

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