FCHS Administration

Led by CEO Frank L. Beaman, the FCHS administration department is responsible for day-to-day oversight of operations, regulatory and legal compliance, and policy development/implementation.

The challenges hospitals and healthcare systems face in today’s marketplace are growing by the day. This is especially true when it comes to rural healthcare. Around the country, systems like Faith Community Health Services are being forced to do more with less – less funding, fewer resources, and challenging access to labor and skilled physicians and nurses.

Further, pending federal and state legislation, managed care contracting and payment reductions from all payers will require us to be more proactive – and creative – when it comes to patient care. It also calls for us to be particularly efficient when it comes to our financial resources and managing the business of healthcare.

Faith’s commitment to remaining informed about all state and federal issues that impact healthcare, and our hospital system specifically, is paramount. 

CEO Frank L. Beaman is a leader when it comes to fervent stewardship for Faith. The FCHS administration oversees operations including regulatory and legal compliance as well as policy development and implementation.

Mr. Beaman leads with transparency and his activity always puts Faith first. He is a member of the Texas Hospital Association, serves on the foundation for the Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals. He also serves at the State level on HPAC and RHPAC for the Health and Human Services Commission and, serves on the Guaranty Association Board for the Texas Department of Insurance.

Serving in these positions assures FCHS is always positioned front and center when it comes to staying informed about and advocating for state and national healthcare issues that impact rural communities – particularly the counties served by FCHS.

Administration Team

Frank L. Beaman

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Casbeer

Chief Operating Officer

Shawn L. White, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Paula Edwards

Chief Nursing Officer

W. David Odom

Chief Information Officer