Leslie Hollis, MD, a pediatrician dedicated to caring for young ones, joined the Faith family on May 1 – after 25 years of building her practice in Wise County.

“I really enjoy working with children and their families,” said Dr. Hollis. “I absolutely love what I do. It never feels like work and it brings me joy every day.”

When the Wise Health Clinics in Decatur closed earlier this year, bringing her practice to Faith was a natural choice. “This is the best way for me to keep serving my patients. Now families no longer have to travel up to an hour to see me. I’m coming to them.”

Dr. Hollis will be in Faith’s Jacksboro Clinic on Thursdays, other weekdays she will be caring for children in the Alvord Clinic in the mornings and the Bowie Clinic in the afternoons. She welcomes new patients.

Dr. Hollis is the first dedicated pediatrician to hold office hours at the Faith rural clinics. She provides primary care – well and sick visits – to her patients. She encourages families to bring their children in for well visits, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines (more often in the first two years of life).

Further, she recommends childhood vaccines (according to the CDC guidelines) and is “happy to talk with parents if they have any concerns about recommended vaccinations.”

Dr. Hollis, who lives in Decatur with her son, a rising high school senior, loves to bake, read and play with her cats, Ash and DJ. Most of all, she loves her patients. In fact, she is now providing care to the children of the patients she has had over her more than two decades as a pediatrician in rural Texas.

“I’ve felt incredibly welcomed into the Faith family,” she said. “I’m very excited to be here

and have the opportunity to watch as my former patients grow their own families. It’s been one of the greatest thrills of my life to provide multi-generational care.”