Gone are the days when you have to wait until your baby is born to see what he or she looks like, thanks to the 3D ultrasound technology available at Faith Community Hospital in Jacksboro.

Jordan Sizemore, sonographer at Faith, loves to watch the faces of parents who get to see their baby in real-time with the amazing machine. “Parents love to see their baby making faces,” she said, noting the 3D scans truly allow viewers of the ultrasound to see all the baby’s features.

“They will typically decide who the baby looks like and they love to talk about how chunky they are. Many joke about the baby looking like an alien in a diagnostic 2D ultrasound but in 3D they can see their baby right in front of their eyes,” Sizemore said.

Faith employee Sandra Rodriguez gave birth to her daughter, Valentina, on Dec. 19, 2023. She loved the experience of getting to see the baby’s face so clearly before she was born. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Rodriguez, who is a clerk in the Jacksboro clinic and is studying to be a medical assistant. ““It was amazing. I could really see my baby. It was such a good experience. It’s worth paying to see the view.”

Faith charges $75 for a 15-minute 3D session. Parents who opt for the experience receive still photos of their baby. Insurance does not cover ultrasounds when they are not being done for diagnostic purposes. In this case, a 3D ultrasound is an elective exam.

The ideal timeframe to get the best 3D scans is from 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy.

But how much can you really see? “It depends on the baby’s position and how much fluid is present,” Sizemore said. “If we don’t get great photos the first time, the parents are welcome to come back in a week or so to try again.”

Important notes: A pregnant woman must undergo an official diagnostic anatomy ultrasound prior to having a 3D scan. The 3D scan will not be reviewed by a radiologist.