This Saturday, June 8, 2024, is Family Health & Fitness Day, according to the National Recreation & Park Association. While there are so many reasons families should do everything to spend time together having fun, learning and creating memories, Family Health & Fitness Day is meant to promote ways local parks and recreation activities can help keep your family active and healthy.

It’s no secret that being active as a family is a fantastic way to bond, promote healthy habits and enjoy quality time together. However, with all the responsibilities we are juggling every day, what can you do to make sure your family makes the most of “together time?”

Faith Community Health System has got you covered!

Here are some activities you can suggest to your family to stay active together:

1. Get outside!

Exploring nature is a great way to get moving and appreciate the outdoors. Families can go hiking on nearby trails. Biking is another excellent option. Why not bike around the neighborhood?

You can go out to the lake and take a walk together and, hey, start talking!! Or, get everyone in the car and head off to a scenic route a bit farther from home. You can explore a new area, be active and learn a thing or two.

2. Sports and Games

Engaging in sports is a fun and competitive way to stay active. Families can play soccer, basketball or tennis at local courts and fields. If you have space in your backyard, you can set up a volleyball or badminton net. You can also toss a frisbee or play some flag football in your yard or nearby recreation area,

You may want to set up friendly competitions, like a family fun run or a mini-Olympics. You can also invite another family or two to join you. Competition can motivate everyone to get moving.

Remember, this isn’t about winning or losing – it’s about having fun with loved ones. Therefore, don’t worry if you don’t have “enough” people to play. Just play!

3. Fitness Classes

The Swan Family Wellness Center offers fun classes. While these might not be designed for families, per se, adults can take a class and teach the rest of the family the ropes when it comes to yoga and other low-impact activities. Turn on YouTube and follow along with a dance video. It’s all about promoting lifelong fitness.

4. Water Activities

In Texas, we are no strangers to heat! Swimming is a fantastic full-body workout that is also incredibly fun. If you have a pool, use it! Sprinklers are a great way to turn a ho-hum afternoon into great fun! On extra hot or rainy days, why not fill up the bathtub with cool water and let young ones go “swimming” with bathing suits on?

5. Gardening

How do you know if the kids have green thumbs if you don’t introduce them to gardening early on? This is an underrated activity that involves plenty of physical labor, such as digging, planting, weeding, and watering. It’s a wonderful way to teach children about nature and responsibility. You can even teach them how to plant and nurture a vegetable garden and then make a big deal out of cooking and eating the food they’ve grown!

We get one life to live and one body to live it in! With just a bit of planning, you can incorporate some of these activities into your family’s routine. Even if you can’t fit full afternoons of family fun into your schedule, you can start by simply suggesting an after-dinner walk each night. The result of all your efforts will be healthier minds and bodies and plenty of wonderful lasting memories.