Do traditional exercise options feel more like punishment than fun?

 It’s 2024 and a great time to change your perspective! There is a secret sauce to embrace when it comes to successfully motivating yourself to get moving. Want to know what it is?

 Don’t choose an activity you hate! If you hate running, why would you make yourself take on jogging? If jumping all around – as in an aerobics class – makes you queasy, it’s completely understandable that you aren’t going to count the moments until you do it again!

 Select an activity you already like, or try a few that you’ve never done before and give them a spin. You are looking for something you will truly want to do. A healthy exercise routine shouldn’t be work. It should be “me time,” 30-60 minutes a day you set aside for yourself to nurture your body and strengthen your muscles, sturdy your balance and work on flexibility.

 “The key is to choose something you enjoy and go slowly,” said Tyson Burwell, Director of the Swan Family Wellness Center. “ The benefits to adding exercise into your daily routine are numerous.”

 Burwell said by adding a bit of movement into your day, you can:

  •  Improve heart health

  • Reduce stress

  • Have a more positive body image

  • Sleep better

  • Manage your weight

  • Enjoy better flexibility

  • Improve balance

 Welcome to the Swan Family Wellness Center

 “We understand that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to fitness,” Burwell said. “Our certified staff is on hand to help you design and personalize a program that works with your current level of fitness, fitness goals and your schedule.”

 He added a very important point: Exercise only works if you make the time to do it!

 Are you a gym rat or a class lover?

Some folks feel right at home in a big box gym environment; they know how to use all of the machines or can happily spend 45 minutes running on the treadmill. Those who don’t know how to use the equipment but want to learn will find that the professionals at the Swan Family Wellness Center are dedicated to making sure you feel comfortable using the state-of-the-art equipment.

 The bright and beautiful Swan Family Wellness Center is designed to be an inviting space, for established exercisers as well as for folks just getting started. You’ll find traditional cardio and weight training equipment along with a varied schedule of group fitness classes.

 Group fitness class options include options for any interest and fitness level, so it’s a great opportunity to add some variety to your workouts. Consider:

●      Tai Chi – This low-impact, gentle martial art increases strength, flexibility and a feeling of well being

●      Chair Yoga – All the benefits of traditional yoga, but seated. Great for improved muscle tone, better breathing, stress reduction and better sleep.

●      Zumba – Enjoy high and low intensity interval training, incorporating fun choreography set to a Latin dance beat.

●      Group Cycle – Jump on a specially designed stationary bike and join the pack, as you all share in a journey that may lead you up and down hills, racing towards the finish line. Challenging and exhilarating!

●      Senior Fit – As the name implies, this specially formatted class is designed with seniors in mind. Expect low impact movement that will help to increase your muscle strength, balance and overall feeling of well being.

Or, jump into the heated pool for exercise that’s easy on the joints but still has all the heart-healthy benefits.

 Little known fact… you can burn up to three times the calories during water workouts than you can from walking. If you’ve got great water skills, then lap swimming is a great option. 

 Are your swim strokes a little rusty? Try treading water! You can burn up to 11 calories per minute, just by bicycling your legs and arms, using water’s resistance. Grab a group of friends and jump into the pool; you’ll be amazed at how quickly an hour of treading flies by, when you’re catching up with your posse of pals.

 Physical fitness is a gift that keeps on giving, every day of the year. So, when you’re making your list for holiday giving this season, consider the gift of exercise…. for yourself and for your loved ones.

 You can purchase a monthly membership to the Swan Family Wellness Center. Discounts are offered to employees of schools, the Lindsey State Jail, military and first responders.

 Additionally, the Swan Family Wellness Center offers physical therapy services provided by licensed, certified professionals.

 Call (940) 567-6633, ext. 379, to learn more about membership and other services offered by the Swan Family Wellness Center.